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Terms and Conditions

1. The following terms and conditions refer to any service provided by “Vertente Natural - Actividades Ecológicas e Culturais, Lda” (Vertente Natural) to the client.

2. By accepting this proposal, the client acknowledges and accepts these terms and conditions.

3. These terms and conditions can be modified by whatever may be specifically agreed with the client.

4. This proposal is valid for 30 days.

Vertente Natural’s responsibilities

1. Care for all logistics before, during and after the activity.

2. Analyse different solutions or dates for any activity, whenever it is not possible to carry it out as planned.

3. Carry out the activity as proposed.

4. Inform the client of any additional costs resulting of any changes to the initial proposal.

Client’s responsibilities

1. Timely provide information concerning the number, name and date of birth of the participants. This information is required to activate the personal accidents insurance.

2. Ensure that all participants are in appropriate physical condition to participate in the activity.

3. Inform Vertente Natural if you object against the use of any photographic and/or video material resulting from the activity.

4. All personal effects are of the participants’ responsibility: Vertente Natural cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss or theft.

Booking and Payment

1. An activity is considered as booked as soon as the client takes the two following steps:

a) Delivery of a document explicitly showing an intention to purchase the activity - reservation voucher from Reasontosee.com

b) Payment of the full amount, 100% of the activity fee.

2. In case of an increase/decrease in the number of participants, the client must notify Vertente Natural until 14 days before the activity, in order to make all the necessary logistic and financial adjustments.

Cancellation, Postponement and reimbursement

1. Different dates and/or different activities may be discussed in case of any of the following occurrences:

a) Inappropriate sea or weather conditions; Terms and Conditions General terms and conditions Page 3 of 4

b) Force majeure (war, earthquake, fire, etc.);

c) Unforeseen events that may adversely affect the participants’ safety;

d) The insufficient number of participants.

2. Cancelling an activity after it has been booked doesn’t necessarily imply reimbursement of the full amount paid. Each situation shall be individually analysed by Vertente Natural towards reaching a comfortable agreement for both parties.


1. Vertente Natural holds a third-party liability insurance policy covering damages to a maximum of €50.000 per claim.

2. Vertente Natural also holds a personal accidents insurance policy covering all participants to a maximum of €20.000 in case of death or permanent injury, or €3.500 for treatment and repatriation costs.

3. This insurance policy covers all insured participants, aged no less than 3 months and no more than 75 years.

4. Both insurance policies conform with the Portuguese law’s stipulations (Dec-Lei Nº108/2009, art.20º).


Participation Terms

Having accepted to participate in the activities organised by Vertente Natural – Actividades Ecológicas e Culturais, Lda, the client acknowledges having read, fully understood and accepted the content of this document, undertaking to comply with what is hereby determined:

  • The client/participant acknowledges and accepts the inherent risks of the activity, namely those resulting from meteorological or hydrological changes, equipment breakdown or malfunction and/or accidents resulting from the actions of other participants or Vertente Natural’s staff and/or monitors;
  • Acknowledges being covered by third-party liability and personal accidents insurance policies and is aware of their coverages;
  • Finds himself physically fit to participate in the activity;
  • Certifies not to be under the effects of alcohol, drugs or narcotic consumption that may in any way affect or limit their judgment and common sense;
  • Certifies not having been advised by a health professional over any condition that may hinder or prevent participation on the activity;
  • Undertakes to respect and follow all instructions or directions given by Vertente Natural’s staff and/or monitors;
  • Authorises the use of the name and/or image related to participation in the activity and declines any compensation for its use.