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1. BOOKINGS: we accept bookings until 24 hrs before the tour.
Please, always follow a booking with a confirmation email.

2. CANCELLATIONS: we apply the following cancellation policy:
❏ More than 5 days in advance: Full refund
❏ 5 days-48hrs: 50% refund
❏ Less than 48 hours-2hrs: 25% refund
❏ Less than 2hrs: NO refund

3. NO SHOW: There is NO refund for NO SHOW

4. RAIN: In case of heavy rain we can reschedule the tour. The
customer has to contact us one hour before the starting time of the tour, to
ask for rescheduling or for other options. We will try to do our best,
considering our guide availability, to delay the tours waiting for better
conditions (if possible) or to reschedule the tour another day.
Otherwise, in case of heavy rain, if the customers show up for the tour, we
can evaluate with the guide the option of taking a walking tour of
equivalent value, instead of the bike tour.
If customers don’t show up, it will be considered as a NO SHOW.

5. LOCKS: Every group is provided with one lock (for the guided

6. HELMETS are included ON DEMAND.

7. GUIDE BIKES: We provide 1 free guide bike for a group up to
12. In any case, our tours are open to a max of 12 people for the group.

9. CIVIL LIABILITY: Our Civil liability insurance contains protection from
many types of liability, such as public liability, product liability and
professional indemnity. Public liability includes damage to property that
arises out of activities by a group or organization. Product liability includes
injury or damage that results from a product that was sold (tours) or rented
(bikes). Professional indemnity includes errors and omissions such as
giving bad advice or failing to act when appropriate.