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What to see at night in Rome

What to see at night in Rome

Rome is especially charming after dark because as the sun sets, the city begins to unwind. Cobbled piazzas seem more romantic, ancient monuments more stirring and panoramic vistas even more breathtaking, all illuminated by moonlight. So what you shouldn't miss at night?

Rome night tours!

It is also a good time to take a Rome night tour to see those sights with professional commentary and vip entries. With Rome night tours you can also see some of Rome’s finest sites and museums in a different way and with fewer crowds. On Thursday nights from May to the end of December, the Colosseum is offering guided nighttime tours. On Friday nights from April to October, the Vatican museums open their doors, including those leading to Raphael Rooms, Gallery of Maps and of course, the Sistine Chapel. And every night from April to November, there are two light shows and tours in the Imperial Forums: one in the Forum of Augustus, one in the Forum of Caesar. All of them will definitely be a breathtaking experience.

Open Air Cinemas

In Rome, there are plenty of options for free outdoor screenings in scenic locations. Cinemas or even outdoor bars are putting on free films every night all summer. You can catch them at some of the nicest places in Rome like Tiber Island, Parco degli Acquedotti or even Villa Borghese. Entrance is free but places are limited, so don’t be late. 

Romantic dinner and Italian wine

One of the best and most famous cuisine in the world - Italian. Beautiful flavors of their culinary delights and fantastic wines will wake up all of your senses. There are many great romantic dinner options in Rome to choose from, so if you are in Rome you should definitely save some time to have dinner and enjoy a cozy and intimate atmosphere, delicious food and lovely music in the background.