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What to do in Paris this month

What to do in Paris this month

Paris has its magical atmosphere even in autumn. Many exciting shows at all the major Paris museums, beautiful golden foliage throughout the city, and boutiques bursting with the fall collections. And here are some ideas for interesting outings.

Nuit Blanche

An annual all-night arts festival of a city, that have cultural institutions like museums, private and public art galleries, and other open and free of charge. This night the whole city turn to one big art gallery, providing space for art installations, performances including huge artworks, light installations and sensory experiences. 

Grape Harvest Festival

The third Parisian most popular event after the Nuit Blanche and Paris-Plages. The grape harvest festival takes place in the area of Montmartre Hill in northern Paris, the only place in the city where vineyards are still being grown. During the festival there are lots of special activities for everyone, including tastings of artisanal and regional products, dances, walks, talks, concerts, visits, exhibitions, etc. All with the best French wine!

Contemporary art week

Definitely a must-see for contemporary art lovers takes place at Grand Palais the last week of October each year. The art fest brings together some of the most famous artists. And also other smaller fairs are organized in various parts of the city including YIA Art Fair, Art Élysées, Outsider Art Fair, 8e Avenue etc. So everyone will find something to their taste.

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