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Prague Castle Highlights

Prague Castle Highlights

The largest castle complex in the world, UNESCO monument and an ancient symbol of the Czech state for more than a thousand years. This is Prague Castle, one of the most important cultural institutions in the Czech Republic. It is made up of historical palaces, offices, churches, fortification buildings, gardens and picturesque spots, so which ones you shouldn't miss?

St. Vitus Cathedral

The largest Christian building in Czech Republic contains the burial tombs of many important saints and Bohemian kings. Build on the site of rotunda from AD 925, St. Vitus was begun in 1344, but due to interruptions by wars and plagues, it took more than 525 years to complete. Now it is a mix of styles, including elements of modern Neo-Gothic and 14th-century Gothic, with a sprinkling of Baroque and Renaissance influences. See the interesting interior with stunning stained glass windows, St. Wenceslas Chapel with its jewel-encrusted altar and the Treasury with many priceless artifacts, on some of our Prague Castle tours.

The Old Royal Palace with the Vladislav Hall and The Story of Prague Castle 

The Old Royal Palace`s history dates back to the 9th century and it is designed in the Gothic and Renaissance styles. The most interesting part of the palace is the magnificent 16th-century Vladislav Hall is used for inaugurations, being the most important representative hall in the country. There, you should also visit the permanent exhibition The Story of Prague Castle, offering a view of more than thousand years' history of Prague Castle.

All of it!

The truth is that it's hard to find the best out of Prague Castle, because every place has its own charm and interesting history, whether it is the Golden Line with traditional medieval buildings, the Prague Castle Picture Gallery with an important collection of artwork, the beautiful Queen Anne's Summer Palace, the Renaissance Royal Gardens or much more. So check out our Prague Castle tour to see it all!