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Letna park Prague how to get there

Letna park Prague how to get there

There are 3 main routes to Letná Park:

1.) From Letná district - around there are tram stops Sparta, Korunovační, Strossmayereovo náměstí, from below Nábřeží kapitána Jaroše.

2.) Walk across the bridge from the Old Town - walk from the Old Town Square through Pařížská street (full of luxury boutiques) right to the stairs leading to the metronome.

3.) From Hradčany (where the Prague Castle is located) - by foot or by tram directly to the Letná park


What to do in Letná Park

We already know how to get there, but what to see and do in here? Letná Park is one of the top attractions in Prague, but not many tourists go there. You can sit down and relax at one of the many beer gardens. Or just walk around and feel the calm atmosphere. Letná park is a perfect place for walking, cycling, enjoying the nature and some amazing views over Prague. From the top of the park you can see the Vltava River and the bridges connecting both sides of the city.



This place that housed an enormous statue of Stalin is today known as Metronome, based on the red 23 m functioning metronome. The site is now mostly a scenic viewpoint, a meeting place for young people and one of the most popular skate parks in Prague. In season you can chill in the outdoor bar, very popular Stalin Containall space located right in front of metronome, where events are often held and DJs play. There is also the ‘’shoe monument’’ that is actually just a bunch of shoes strung together over a wire. But it looks cool.



Letná district is full of art-related spots. It is home to Veletržní palác, one of the main exhibition halls of National Gallery in Prague, with a permanent exhibition of 20th and 21st Century Art - a collection of modern and contemporary art. Also the Academy of Fine Arts and many independent galleries.


Letná food and drinks

There are many other places in this part of Prague that are mostly visited by locals and definitely worth seeing. For example if you have some time in Prague, come to drink or movie to BIO OKO, a cinema specializing in art house and cult films, with bar. There are really a lot of hipster (but great) bistros, cafes and bars with delicious food, good wine and of course beer.

Letná is really close to the city centre and thanks to its parks, food and the galleries, it is the ideal choice if you want to see something more from Prague, than just classic sightseeing. And if you don`t want to miss anything, check out our Prague tours!