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Gaudí Experience Electric Bike Tour - 3 Hours

5 Reviews

Join us on this beautiful 3-hour e-bike ride around all the landmarks of Barcelona’s art, with special attention on the world famous and definitely unique Catalan Modernism. We will start in front of Port Vell then ride through the picturesque streets of Barcelona straight to the Ciutadella Park, and from there to Gaudí’s grand masterpiece- the Sagrada Família.

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Popular Tours in Sagrada Familia

Gaudí – The Sagrada Família Tour

7 Reviews

See the most famous piece of Antoni Gaudí, who was a visionary architect during Barcelona’s modernista period early 1900 and has no less than 7 extraordinary buildings on Lists of World Heritage sites by UNESCO including the one and only Sagrada Família.

from 74 €
All Barcelona Highlights Tour

4 Reviews

Discover one of the most beautiful cities in the world with our 5-hour tour and see the main highlights of this amazing city. So don't hesitate and hop on our tour to explore the number of various architectures and classic Spanish culture.

from 75 €
Classic E-bike Barcelona Tour & Sagrada Familia - VIP Entrance INCLUDED! - 4 Hours

6 Reviews

Explore the vibrant centre of art and culture, most famous for its unique Catalan Modernism, an artistic current which influenced architecture, sculpture, music, literature and art on our carefully designed 4-hour tour on e-bikes, with commentary in English by our friendly and highly trained guides.

from 75 €
The Gaudí Tour

4 Reviews

Discover the most famous building of visionary architect, who has no less than  7 extraordinary buildings on Lists of World Heritage sites by UNESCO, including Sagrada Família and Casa Batlló, on our 3,5-hour tour around his most famous works.

from 79 €
Classic City Barcelona Electric Bike Tour - 3 Hours

7 Reviews

Explore one of the world’s greatest cities and its most iconic and historically significant sights with our carefully designed 3-hour bike tour.  Hop on our tour and explore the number of various architectures and classic Spanish culture.

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Another attraction in Barcelona

An extraordinary building, with lots of details and their hidden meanings, that is also a part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Check out our Sagrada Familia tours and see how Gaudí used nature as his source of inspiration and find that what seems like chaos is actually based in sophisticated mathematics. The most visited monument in Spain is still under construction and should be completed in 2026, a century after the architect's death. From the glittering stained glass windows to the towering columns and arches to the intricate details in the architecture, every aspect of this incredible church in Barcelona will take your breath away. 

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